Spring Syllabus :

1.Introduction to Spring Framework 2.POJO and POJI Model Programming 3.Introduction to Modules of Spring 4.Core Module 5.JDBC/DAO Module 6.WEBMVC Module 7.ORM Module 8.AOP Module 9.JEE Module
1.Introduction to IOC 2.Introduction to Spring Container 3.Dependency Injection 4.Setter Injection 5.Constructor Injection 6.Injecting Primitive Data types and Collection classes 7.Autowiring 8.Inner beans 9.Alias Names 10.Lazy Initialization 11.Bean Inheritance 12.Factory methods Configuration 13.Bean Life Cycle 14.Bean Scopes 15.Dependency Check 16.depends-on attribute 17.Aware Interfaces 18.Working with properties files 19.Multiple Configuration files 20.Pre processor and Post Processors 21.I18N 22.Annotations
1.Drawbacks of plain JDBC 2.JDBC Template 3.NamedParameter JDBC Template 4.Simple JDBC Template 5.All the methods defined in Templates 6.DAOSupport classes 7.Callback interfaces 8.DrivermanagerDatasource 9.BasicDataSource 10.Combopooled DataSource 11.ServerSuppiled DataSource 12.Examples of database access operations using spring DAO 13.Examples of accessing stored procedures using spring DAO
Spring ORM
1.Drawbacks of Hibernate 2.Spring with Hibernate without HibernateTemplate 3.Spring with Hibernate with HibernateTemplate 4.HiberanteTemplate 5.HibernateDAOSupport 6.Callback interfaces 7.Spring with JPA and other ORM integration
Spring AOP
1.Introduction 2.Need of AOP 3.Aspect 4.JoinPoint 5.PointCut 6.Advice 7.Target 8.Weaving 9.Dynamic Proxy. 10.Spring AOP Architecture 11.Before Advice 12.After Returning Advice 13.Throws Advice 14.Around Advice 15.After Advice 16.XML based AOP 17.Schema based AOP 18.Annotation based AOP 19.Covers Spring 2.0 AOP, @AspectJ Style AOP support
Spring MVC
1.Introduction 2.Spring MVC Resources 3.Commands or Models 4.DispatcherServlet 5.Controller Classes 6.Spring MVC flow 7.Steps to develop the SpringMVC application 8.HadlerMappings 9.BeanNameUrlHandlerMapping 10.SimpleUrlHandlerMapping 11.ControllerClassNameHandlerMapping 12.Validations 13.ViewResolvers 14.XmlViewResolver 15.ResourceBundleViewResolver 16.Spring with JMS Integration Spring 3.0 Annotations Spring Security Spring with Quartz Integration (Scheduler) Spring OXM Spring WebFlow Overview Spring Batch Overview Struts-Spring-Hibernate Integration