C & C++

Data Structures :

Introduction to data structures  
	• What is a data structuer?
	• basic concepts of data structures
            o data structure operations
            o implementation of data structure      
        • linked list
            o manipulating linked list
            o categorizing linked list
            o implementing singly linked list
            o implementing doubly linked list
            o implementing circular linked list
        • aplications of linked list  
	• introduction to stacks
	• operations of stacks.
            o push
            o pop
            o is empty
            o is full
            o peek
	• implementing stacks using arrays
        • implementig stack using linked list
	• aplications of stack
        • evaluting expresion using stack
    • introduction to queues
    • operations of queue
            o enqueue
            o dequeue
            o is empty
            o is full
            o peek
    • implementing queues using arrays
    • implementig queues using linked list
    • implementing circular queues 
    • implementing priority queues 
    • aplications of queues   
sorting technics
    • What is sorting?
    • bubble sort
    • insertion sort
    • selection sort
    • quick sort
    • merge sort
    • shell sort
    • complexities of sorting technics
 searching technics
    • what is a searching?
    • what is linear search?
    • implementation of linear search
    •  what is binary search?
    • implementation of binary search
    • complexities of searching technics
    • introduction to trees
    • What is tree?
    • binary tree
    • representation of binary tree
        o linear representation of binary tree
        o linked representation of binary tree
    • operations on a binary tree
        o traversing a tree
             in order traversing
             pre order traversing
             post order traversing
        o searching a node 
        o inserting a node 
        o deleting a node 
    • trees and forests
    • b-trees
    • What is a graph?
    • introduction to graphs
        o graph terminalogy
        o type of graphs
    • representation of graphs
        o mtrix representation 
        o linked representation 
    • applications of graphs
        o shotrest path problem 
        o Topological sorting
        o minimum spanning tree 
        o connectivity in graph
        o euler circuit
        o Hamiltanian circuit
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